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What are the different property titles in Thailand?

Normally the legitimate land titles in Thailand include:

  1. Sor Kor 1
    This land tile was normally issued before 1955 when the government notified to all landlords in Thailand who obtained this SK1 land title to make an official request to the Land Office for further upgrade either to NS3 or Ns3K.
    The meaning of SK1 indicates that the landlord has the possession right on the land. However, there are still many landlords who own this kind of land title and did not proceed to upgrade their SK1 to NS3 or NSK during the Year 1955.
  2. Nor Sor 3
    This is the second level of land title normally upgraded from SK1 land and usually specifies the detail information of neighbor on each of the borderlines of the land plot. Still, the surface area of the land plot is not accurately measured.
  3. Nor Sor 3 Kor
    This is the third level of land title showing even more accurately the surface area and contour of the land plot. Before the issuance of the land title NS3K, the Land Office normally sends a measurement team for the survey and measurement. This team uses a measurement engineering camera to measure on each side of the land title.
    In effect, this kind of land is more “official” than the NS3.
  4. Chanot Title
    This is the best defined and most valuable land title in Thailand.
    The contour line and surface area is determined by GPS (satellite system) along the engineer camera in order to find the exact point of each borderline and the exact length and width on each side of the entire property.
    This land title is the one with the most acceptances because most of the banks will accept it as collateral.
    All Chanot titles are upgraded from NS3 or NS3K.

Besides, there are some kind of rights – like the Phor Bor Thor 5 – that are related to the acquisitive prescription right.

Phor Bor Thor 5.
The definition of the PBT is Local Maintenance Tax’.
A PBT 5 land is basically a land plot granted by the Thai Government to someone possessing the land (i.e. exerting direct occupancy, use, or control on the real property) who has applied for it to the appropriate local authority (Tessaban Office or Or Bor Tor Office) to use for agricultural purpose (farming or plantation – often rubber tree plantation).
The true meaning of the PBT5 is that any person who has received this kind of documentation will have the right to do, for instance, rubber tree plantation or any other kind of plantation or farming or agricultural purpose provided that the person who has its name registered on PBT5 pays the local maintenance tax to either the Tessabaan or the Aor Bor Tor office every year (approx.8-15 baht per rai/year).

To sum up:

Any person who possessed this kind of PBT5 is allowed the following:

  • Rubber tree plantation ,
  • Any other kind of plantation,
  • Farming,
  • Agricultural purpose,
  • Temporary Structure/construction that can be easily removed out,
  • Temporary shelter/small cottage without concrete foundation.

Any person who possessed this kind of PBT5 is not allowed the following:

  • Fixed /Permanent Structure/Construction/Building,
  • House, villa, swimming pool, etc. that shall definitely require to obtain a construction permit from either Tessabaan or Aor Bor Tor office,
  • Any kind of construction with concrete foundations since it may be deemed permanent.

Therefore, with this kind of document (PBT5) one cannot legally obtain a construction permit and is not allowed to build any construction that would require obtaining a proper and official construction permit/building license.

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