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Foreigner purchases top Bt67bn mark

The value of Thai property bought by foreigners last year was Bt67.03bn, accounting for 11.6 per cent of all property available for sale during the year, according to a survey by the Agency for Real Estate Affairs (AREA).

AREA¬ís president Dr Sopon Pornchokchai said 26.9 per cent of the properties bought by foreigners, worth about Bt18.05bn, are in Bangkok and surrounding locations, while 21.1 per cent (Bt14.1bn) are in Phuket; 19.7 per cent (Bt13.17bn) in Pattaya; 10.9 per cent (Bt7.2bn) in Cha-am and Hua Hin, and 3.3 per cent (Bt2.2bn) in Chiang Mai.

The survey shows the top five Thai provincial cities in which foreign buyers are interested in purchasing property as Phuket (left, 21.1 per cent), Pattaya (19.7 per cent), Cha-am and Hua Hin (10.9 per cent), Chiang Mai (3.3 per cent) and Hat Yai (2.5 per cent).

Source: The Nation

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